Jesus told us that “out of man’s heart flows his thoughts, words and actions. ”
If people learn the meaning of each word, like Mark 12:29-30, loving God with all of their heart, soul, mind and strength,the new memory grows very large in their brains and that new memory effects how they think, speak and behave.
Bob Marette’s book, “SCRIPTURAL CALENDAR: A Daily Guide To Help You Hide God’s Word In Your Heart”, is a surefire way to take a few minutes each day to commit God’s Word  to your memory and reshape your life!img

Gary Smalley, Conference Speaker, Author of “Change Your Heart, Change Your Life

Bob Marette has performed an invaluable service for the body of Christ with his new book
“SCRIPTURAL CALENDAR: A Daily Guide To Help You Hide God’s Word In Your Heart” As a pastor, I enthusiastically recommend this book to every believer who is interested in experiencing God’s word in his daily life .img

Dr. Robert Jeffress, Pastor, First Baptist Church Dallas, Texas

Welcome to Scriptural Calendar

YOU, yes, even YOU can memorize Scripture

Five excuses why people say they cannot memorize verses in the Bible:

  1. Why should I even try ?
  2. What good does it do ?
  3. It is too hard !
  4. I don’t have the time !
  5. I am too old !

This book will help you overcome these objections and allow you to memorize Scripture verses like you have never done before.

Challenge Yourself. Challenge Your Friends. Challenge Your Family Members

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